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I don't want this to feel too shallow, but I don't want to share too much either. For now... you can call me "Tsun", and know that I'm in my 20's.

My mother tongue is Spanish, and I have studied different languages throughout my life. Even now, I'm studying something related to that. I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures, so if you're interested in that and want to teach me something in your language or learn about mine, feel free to contact me :3

My main hobby is drawing and one of my main interests is lolita fashion, and j-fashion in general. I love listening to music and have a pretty broad taste, but my favorite group is Seventeen, for many reasons (I will later dedicate a whole page to them, so I deem it unnecesary to expand on that here).

To no one's surprise, I spend a lot of time watching anime and I'm pretty passionate about that too. As in, not only watching it but also learning about the studios, the music composers, the seiyuu and all the work behind each of them. I like reading manga as well, but I enjoy anime more and will mostly read mangas that haven't been adapted (hence why I read so much more shojo than shonen). I like to play videogames too, but I wouldn't call myself a gamer because I only play those that are more story driven and relaxing; I don't like to stress myself with strategy ones. Recently, I started dabbling in cosplay, but I'm too much of a perfectionist so it's kind of stressful, as well as very expensive, but seeing the result is nice, so let's see how I fare with that.